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flash update

2008-12-20 11:37:51 by Jujutiles

ok... heres an update on flash

we have it but only for 30 days, because we were going to do an upgrade from dreamweaver mx to cs4 but mx is too old. so were stuck with the trial version for now. but ill post a few things.


2008-12-10 18:30:48 by Jujutiles

turns out my mom already had flash cs4 for 3 weeks but had nothing to run it on. her computer didnt ave enought GB to hold it, so we put some stuff on a memory stick.

so we have enuff storage now, but my moms computer is getting a new hard drive for some reason... well, ill have flash CS4 in a day or two and then ill start submitting!

First Submission!

2008-09-26 18:36:33 by Jujutiles

The button! just click the button! (or press the spacebar in some cases)
i hope it passes judgement!
P.S. I made this at my moms computer class, i dont have the program yet.

New Animation/Game coming soon!

2008-09-18 17:05:16 by Jujutiles

I'm going to go to my moms class and go on the computers in the back, and make a flash or two, so stay tuned! it should be up by tomorrow afternoon, maybe even tonight!

and it may not have sound. it will probably be a button based game, or a quiz or something. with AS2. cause AS3 is a bit harder, and most of the codes i know are in AS2.

EDIT: i had a problem at the end, so the animation has to wait till next week

Guitar Hero: Amphibians?

2008-09-14 10:43:49 by Jujutiles

You guys know that the band called the amphibians are also my relatives right? well i asked them if i could make a guitar hero game with their songs in it and they said that would be cool.
i just dont know how to make a GH game. I think this is how it works though:
you make an animation, and when the note comes over or near the fret thing then paste on the frame something like this:
if key is down KEY.SPACE this.gotoandplay (frame with the animation of the note burning up)
i think i got it right?

and there would be boss battles too!
Songs that would be included in the game:
New Day
Cabane De Douanier
Easter Song (Boss Battle song)
Fine machine (Boss Battle song)
Rain Came Down
Hangin' On
and probly some other songs from other bands!

question: in flash, if you added a song thats 2 MB, would that increase the file size by 2MB? and how much does the compresser compress?

P.S. Amphibians myspace: www.myspace.com/amphibians


2008-09-12 17:13:00 by Jujutiles

Good news!
My mom is going to a technology class, and she said i could go with her and use the computers, which have flash CS3 on them! there, i could make a test, and put it on a USB key, and upload it back here! (if its legal...)
and also, flash CS4 is coming out soon, maybe even this month! if it isn't pricey, i probably will get that instead!
(i think the release date for CS4 is september 18, if i remember correctly.)
EDIT: The release date for CS4 is september 23rd, not 18.

Seriously Injured

2008-09-10 20:52:45 by Jujutiles

Today, my dog scratched my face, and i banged my head on a hanging trophy case! what's next? a wrecking ball to my stomach?

Being injured is bad. I Don't like being injured.

P.S. Click here to end world hunger by answering math, geography, chemistry, or grammar questions! Every time you answer a question correctly, 20 grains of rice are donated to a country in need! And it can double as studying! Poking 2 dweebs with 1 stick as i always say.


2008-09-07 20:14:56 by Jujutiles

I hate mondays. Why'd they have to invent them anyway? You know what I mean?

Last day of summer. :(

2008-09-03 14:32:14 by Jujutiles

Today's the last day of summer... and i start school tomorrow T_T
but a dudes gotta do what a dudes gotta do... sadly. but i'll be getting flash probly by september 30th.So expect some flash animations to be out by the end of the month!

Stick Chronicles 4!

2008-08-31 09:18:24 by Jujutiles

On youtube, im working on a series in pivot called The Stickfigure Chronicles. Im done with all the parts except for part four, which is in the making, and will be out this fall!
part three is embeded here!

/* */
and yes, the mic makes my voice sound like a 7 year old.